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Kit Rathenar
18 August 1980
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Kit Rathenar is female, 33, and terminally displaced from her natural habitat of the eighties. She is known as Kit to half of her friends and Rath to the other half, and will answer to either. She works as a copy-editor/proofreader for Games Workshop, which is just about the coolest job ever, and lives in Whitby UK with her pet fish and several universes' worth of invisible friends, aka "characters".

Her biggest claim to fame, or at least notoriety, is having done a several-year stint as bass player and de facto manager of goth/punk/metal/schizophonic noise machine Fire & Forget. At her best she looks like this (at her worst, she makes people delete the pictures):

This journal exists mostly to keep me in touch with my friends, give me somewhere to review stuff, and to act as a front page for anyone out there who might decide I look interesting. What I actually post about will mostly be band stuff, reviews, random bits of my life, and stuff about my various obsessions, so hopefully this will interest someone.

PS I have taken to collecting clickable creatures. If you have a few minutes to spare, please click my little friends!